How to Protect Your Car from Hail Damage Without parking???

The sight of your beloved car being wrecked by a hail storm is certainly not pleasant.

In some cases, heartbreaking.  Especially, when it cost you a fortune.

So, what can you do to escape the devastating wrath of the hail-storm?

Apparently, a lot.

With some simple steps, you can escape the terrible fury of this white monster AKA hail-storm.

Following are some of the tips that you can follow to safeguard your car against hail storm.

Sign Up For Weather Alerts

There is an old (and gold) saying that precaution is better than prevention.

No matter who said that, but they are damn right.

The knowledge of a hail storm prior to the event will give you enough time to take appropriate precautions.

This way, you won’t have to prepare an emergency plan at the eleventh hour and can totally ensure that your car is safely tucked away before the storm arrives.

Hence, you need to install a weather app which will notify you when a heavy storm is coming your way. Don’t forget to have that notification turned on.

Also, you can get a weather station too!

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Get a Carport

Buy a carport if you already don’t have one. It will provide your car with safety and shade when the storm strikes.

Moreover, they aren’t very expensive.You can get a nice port within a budget of $200-250.

In addition, it’s not particularly hard to install as it takes only an hour or two to set up the whole port.

If You Are At the Wheels, Take Cover At Once

If the hails start to descend when you are driving, then get to the nearest cover you can get.

You can pull over your car under a freeway overpass or get into a gas station with canopies.

You need to remember that although the windshield of your car is strong enough to withstand the hails, the side windows are not.

That’s why you should drive into the hail storm to keep your side windows safe while looking for a sanctuary.

Park beside a Large Building

If there’s no gas station or a mall near you, then you should park your car beside a large building to in order to use it as a shield.

If a storm is coming from the north, then don’t park on the north side of the building as that’s the same direction the storm is coming from.

Instead, park your vehicle on the south side of the building.

That way the storm could blast the hail completely over your car and leave it unscathed.

Leave Your Car in Your Garage

Your garage is the ideal location to keep your car while you wait for the storm to pass away.

Make sure that you have got your car inside the garage before the hail starts to descend.

Take a Trip Down To the Mall

Shopping areas or malls are a great place to park your vehicle.

As most of them have a covered parking space or a garage, where you can leave your car to protect it from hailstones.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy a meal at a restaurant or hit the movie theatre for some kick-ass action films.

Get a Car Cover

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Car covers can be pretty effective at protecting your car from damage by hailstones.

You can easily get them from any local auto supply store or even supermarkets with an automotive section.

However, it’s important that you know the specifications of your car as the majority of covers are designed for specific car models.

Drape Your Car with Blankets

Impact of hailstones can be cushioned by blankets which will be vital in preventing broken glass or paint scratch.

It’s important that you shroud the whole car with a blanket. The more blankets you can drape the car with, the better.

Make sure that the blankets cover the side glasses as they are extremely vulnerable to cracking.

Finally, duct tape the blankets at the bottom of your automobile. It will prevent the blankets from being blown away by the storm.

Although these layers of the blanket should be enough for a typical hail storm, they won’t be of much help if a tree falls on your car.