Why are all around you stupid?

Woman Punching Men's Face


2- Resolution of the conflicts

Albritt Einstein “We can’t resolve the conflicts by the same way of thinking that were used to originate them.” …

How the conflicts are originated? to answer this question.. Let me ask you a question:

How does each of us see the world around him?  When we went out into this world, our minds were empty like a hard disk of the computer that had not been developed yet. As the days went on, this hard disk stored information from the outside world … as from the parents – the school – the community – the media – the friends …
And from our personal experiences ..
This information that is stored (until the last day in your life) is programming your mind to see the world in a certain way ..
What I want to say to you is: You see the world .. in the light of your previous programming ..
In the light of your personal experiences that have passed through your life .. Your personal experiences are the ones who tell you: What is the wrong and the right .. What is appropriate and inappropriate

Why do not they think like me?

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