Why are all around you stupid?

Four Person's High-fiving Each Others

1. Are they really stupid?
Most people – especially the smart ones – suffer from this resident feeling, a sense of the lack of intelligence of others.
We feel this feeling for several reasons,and what confirms this feeling .. They are:
– Others may not understand what we mean often.
–  Others sometimes act oddly and you say to yourself if you were their place I would not act  in this way.
– Sometimes we feel that others do not think as they should think ..
– Sometimes the conflict or disagreement occurs .. And you wonder: how they do not see that I am right?
So the life is unbearable if you feel like you’re living among a bunch of idiots.
So let’s put an end to this farce.
Anthony Robbins says that “the way we communicate with others and with ourselves determines the quality of our lives”. We deal with people all the time.If we like it or not, we need each other. Unfortunately, this is the truth.
We do not plant the rice which we eat, or we do not generate the electricity that lights up the lamp and We did not weave our clothes or build our houses.
We have to communicate to get what we want from others. This is the life.
And communication between people has more than one type .. We can summarize it here in three types:
1 – the beggar: In this type of the communication the person asks for the satisfaction from others to get what he wants. He is a person who lives and relies on others who reward him for his kindness.
2- The despot: In this type of the communication, the person takes what he wants in spite of everyone’s nose and others go to hell. He is a person who lives on his ability to subordinate others to his desires.
3 -The effective: In this type of the communication, the person gets what he wants with respect for himself and others .. He does not humiliate anyone nor impose his desires as well.. But he lives based on the confidence in his abilities, and that the people give him what is worth in response to what he gives them in return .
This kind of the communication is what we will talk about and explain in details
The Effective Communication:
In the beginning and before we talk about the best means of the effective communication .. You must answer the following question ..
Do you think there is a way that will make your life completely free from any odds or clashes?
If you think there is such a thing, you are at fault.
These things are only found in children’s stories, but these stories always depend on the happy end without addressing issues such as the economic problems that facing the family, marital differences and problems of children.
There must be differences from time to time This is the nature of things .. What we can do is to reduce them to the minimum, and to act wisely when speaking .. And do not criticize an excellent relationship with another person because of a serious error in communication .. And you must realize that our disagreement It does not necessarily mean that we can’t live with each other.
I don’t promise you that you will become a legendary expert in communicating with all people or you will be successful in all your relationships whatever after reading this article and the following articles .. But I promise you that you will know how to maintain your important relationships and how you communicate in a way that will change your life greatly ..
Finally, always remember that differences have to occur, for a simple reason .. they must occur.

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